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We put on a screening! Two screenings, actually – one for leaders in the Christian community, and one for the folks at NUS.

I was lucky enough to attend the first, after an impromptu driving tour of central London courtesy of a series of unexpected diversions in the middle of rush hour. Universal have offices in the rather swish Central Saint Giles, near a guitar emporium named ‘Stairway To Kevin’.

Stairway to Kevin
Stairway to Kevin

The film itself is a slow burn but a powerful one, and it was great to watch the drama unfold in a room full of spellbound people. It’s a story to be absorbed by rather than a conventional crowd-pleaser, but nonetheless there were laughs at some of the lighter moments and a few audible intakes of breath. Like Spotlight before it, Loving  eschews melodrama – but it still has the power to shock.

Talking to people afterwards, a few things stood out. Many were processing the sobering reality that these events took place within relatively recent history, and reflecting on the film’s timeliness, given the current political climate. For some, Loving‘s intimate portrayal of an interracial marriage struck a personal note.

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There was admiration, too, for the filmmaking – particularly the two central performances and the film’s careful recreation of time and place. Someone observed how wonderful it was to see so many ordinary, even homely faces on the big screen, when we’re used to polished film star perfection.

The NUS screening
The NUS screening

It was great to be able to share this film with two eager, engaged audiences who will go on to share it with others. We’re hoping to be able to do loads more screenings like this in 2017, so watch this space!

Oh, and congratulations to the wonderful Ruth Negga on her Oscar nomination.

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