Christmas is About…

We’re so inspired by the community organisations we partner with, who this year have included the brilliant organisations below.  The work they do and the values they represent are amazing all year round, of course. But at Christmas they have a special relevance.

Inspired by our partners, I’ve picked some of my personal favourite films which capture the spirit of what these organisations do – and reflect the real reason for the season.

You won’t find any tinsel or sleigh-bells here: these are films with an evergreen message. 

This year our partners have included:

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Oscars 2016: Five quick reactions

So it’s the morning after the night before (it’s still morning in L.A, OK?). All over Hollywood, celebrities are waking up with sore heads. Leo has fallen asleep clutching his statuette. Jenny Beavan, the evening’s biggest badass, is probably still partying.

What to make of it all, now that the dust has settled?


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And the Oscar for Best Picture goes to…

best picture collage
The 2016 Best Picture nominees

Guess what? I’ve seen all of the 2016 Best Picture nominees! Even though I kind of hate the Oscars! Turns out I’m a completist.

Since these are the films that are going to be dominating the cultural conversation over the next few weeks, at least, it seems worthwhile to sum up this blog’s coverage.

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Podiums, politics and parties: On loving and hating awards season

Awards season is upon us once again! In my continuing quest to reform my cynical ways, here are five reasons to love the whole thing. After this first bit.

5 Reasons to Hate Awards Season

  • It’s a stark reminder of the depressing lack of diversity in Hollywood.
Image credit: The Telegraph
Image credit: The Telegraph

Oscar night! Or, as I like to call it, ‘old white men give other old white men prizes, no surprises’ night. If you’re someone who cares even remotely about diversity and inclusion behind and in front of the camera, this time of year can mean a depressing parade of everything that’s wrong with the industry. From Seth McFarlane’s horrifyingly sexist hosting stint to the ‘whitest ever Oscars’ in 2015 and the just-as-white Oscars in 2016, from the treatment of actresses on the red carpet to Ricky Gervais’s bullying idea of what constitutes humour, awards season can feel like Hollywood’s most privileged players closing ranks with a sneer.

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What does 2016 hold?

Here at Damaris Media, we’re passionate about film. We’ve partnered with film companies on so many exciting releases, and covered hundreds more on this blog, in all its incarnations.

But there’s still more to do.

As you may have noticed, 2015 was a year of change for us, and now we’re on a new journey. Moving forward, we’re recommitting ourselves to what we do best: enriching lives through the power of film.

Some of the fantastic films we covered in 2015

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